I’m 67 years old. Lynn and I were married in 1980. Lynn, a math teacher and I, a physics teacher, have a combined 82 years of teaching experience with Masters degrees.

We have four daughters, all college graduates and high school valedictorians. I consider myself blessed.

While getting my teaching degree, I served several years as the College Personnel Manager of ARA Food Service.

I started a business, Century Photo, while in college that I still own and operate.

I was named high school teacher of the year and was a national presenter for outstanding teaching practices in Nashville, Tennessee.

I have served as an officer in the Lions Club, Education Association, County Tax Study Association, and served on the County Planning Commission.

I’ve won three cases in the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. Two were against the county Bd. Of Ed. for not following state law and being fired for exercising my religious freedom.  The Rutherford Institute successfully took that case.

The 2015 third case, 15-0491 is quite interesting.  It put the Government of West Virginia in default and dishonor as it cannot answer a Supreme Court Appeal of 16 Writs of Mandamus involving constitutional violations.