Super Successful Ballot Access Petitioning At Webster County Woodchopping Festival!


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Every Tuesday at 7:00 PM, Phil will be interviewed on Time Out with Kevin Gallagher - To listen live or for archived show:



Phil showed the Southern Tea Party members that there is a vast

conspiracy to destroy America and the Rockefeller family is part of

that conspiracy. It's revealed in David Rockefeller's (Jay's uncle's)



On Feb. 20 & 27th, MOH Visited The Capitol!!!



*Saturday, Feb 8th, Constitution Party Meeting   *    


        A great time was had by all.

         Super events are planned!


Summersville_Veterans_Day_Parade_Cropped_b.pngSpeaking or Mr. Obama Head Reservations -

Don't let Mr. Obama Head get cabin fever! Working together is a win-win situation. There is no time like the present and an appearance helps promote your group and my campaign. I am committed to get the truth out about the globalist's nightmarish plans for a worldwide feudal slave plantation. Mr. Obama is the Illuminati's puppet front man. He is the enemy of good men of all colors. Specifically, Obama has inflicted more damage to Blacks in the last five years than the Federal Government's policies have over the past 40 years. Watchmen must cry aloud and spare not, repent and turn from wicked ways. Duty is our, consequences are HIS!

Active groups Phil has addressed:

Nicholas County Tea Party
NCTP contact: Tim Clifford
Phone: 304-872-6705
Website: Tea Party Patriots and on Facebook (Nicholas County Tea Party)
Location: Nicholas County, West Virginia
Meeting Info: Executive Meeting for Leadership and Committees-all members invited. 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm. Members will be notified of location.
Monthly Meeting: Last Tuesday of each month, at 7pm, downstairs in the Summersville City Building. General Public Invited and encouraged to attend.


Hampshire County Tea Party

Contact: Terry Craver


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