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E-mail from W.Va. Chamber of Commerce President Steve Roberts:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dear Mr. Hudok,

I am in receipt of your request to be added to the agenda of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting. The agenda for this meeting was determined some time back by the members and directors of the Chamber. As an organization of and for members, we determine well in advance of our meeting the issues and names of speakers who will be invited to speak to our members.  Our Board of Directors has decided on the names who have been invited and we are unable to add invitees at this time.

Thank you for expressing your interest in speaking to the Chamber members.

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W.Va. Chamber of Commerce
1624 Kanawha Blvd. East
Charleston, WV 25311
Telephone: (304) 342-1115
Fax: (304) 342-1130

All staff may be reached by e-mail by clicking on the e-mail below their name. Or, you may reach them by

telephone at (304) 342-1115


Staff Members                        Title                                                               Contact Information

Steve Roberts                         President                                                    (304) 342-1115 

Tom Boggs                              Vice President                                            (304) 342-1695 

Amanda Pasdon                    Dir. Of Bus. Inv. & Dev.                                   (304) 989-0664

Brian Dayton                         Communications Manager                              (304) 342-1266          

Jane Thomas                         Member Liaison                                            (304) 342-1115

Missy Hutchinson                 Administrative Manager                                  (304) 342-1765

Kim Nelson                            Project Coordinator                                      (304) 414-2472

Eugenie Taylor                     Special Issues Coordinator                             (304) 342-1115

Beth Ann Rardin                  Outreach Coordinator                                 (304) 342-1115

Pam Farris                            Leadership West Virginia                            (304) 342-1497


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