The presentation can also be viewed on the internet in two lower resolution versions via the following links:

“Free The Churches – 2014” part one (First - High Bitrate Version)

“Free The Churches – 2014” part two (First - High Bitrate Version)

The first DVD consists of:

  1. A short text segment introduction with “Amazing Grace” on bagpipes.
  2. Then there is an approximate 10 minute video clip portion from the Charlie Daniels narrated “Behold A Pale Horse - Part Two”, featuring Pastor Butch discussing church incorporation. (This will be released shortly in theaters)
  3. This is followed by my message to churches on Incorporation as pertains to the West Virginia Constitution. I included the 1872 West Virginia Constitution Article VI Section 47 hand penned text prohibiting church incorporation.
  4. The wrap up is my interview with Hoppy Kercheval which addresses the core principles of the Constitution Party of West Virginia (The Constitution and Rule Of Law)!

The second DVD is Peter Kershaw’s 58 minute in-depth seminar presentation on church incorporation.

On Wednesday, July 23, Patrick Morrisey conducted a Town Hall Meeting:

Randolph County TH Invite 804x.jpg

Here are excerpts from the Town Hall Meeting:

AG 804x.jpg

Now that the issue has been brought to State Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey's attention, we anxiously await his opinion and his suggestion on how to proceed.


Phil Hudok – Constitution Party of West Virginia Chairman



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