COVID-19 Presentation to the County Commission and Commissioners' Response

On September 17, I presented a video to the Randolph County Commissioners in Elkins, West Virginia. They have been asked to take the proofs of claim presented that show the response to COVID-19 is wrong on all points to the Governor and our representatives, both state and federal. If these proofs are not disputed, then we must be demand that the response to COVID-19 be changed. This is the video and the initial Commissioners’ response.  At their next meeting on Thursday, October 15, 2020, at 1:30 PM, in the Courthouse Annex in Elkins, West Virginia, I will request their action plan.  The Commissioners will have had a chance to view Prove All Things episode #17 which I produced and which aired on county TV cable on September 24.  Prove All Things has dealt exclusively with COVID-19 related matters and episode #17 contains more evidence of serious issues concerning the COVID-19 response and vaccine safety in general.

Prove All Things #17:

All 17 Prove All Things programs are archived on this website