The Who 3.png Besides their acknowledgement of a sovereign Creator, what is most admirable about the Constitution Party is their goal of adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law. The founders of this great Christian Constitutional Republic probably never envisioned a time when there would be such a massive disregard of the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. It is high time that we adhere to the Constitution or admit that we, and not the Constitution, failed.

A proper allegiance puts God first, family second, and country third. This construct enables the greatest amount of liberty possible. The founders proclaimed that our form of government was designed for people who are for the most part self-governing. Their belief was that men would be sovereign, kings of their own castle, and yet subservient to their Maker, the ultimate Sovereign of the universe. 

The God-ordained family is the cornerstone upon which society is built. Without stable, functioning families, society collapses. We are witnessing an assault on the family by an institution that George Washington warned us about. President Washington stated that government is like fire—at best, a dangerous servant and at worst, a fearful master. Government, especially national government, has overstepped its bounds and we, the people, must force the government back within its rightful sphere of influence. 

The principles enshrined in the Constitution made this country the world's beacon of liberty and prosperity. We must repent of our ways, ask forgiveness for our sins, and restore our Christian heritage or our posterity will only know tyranny and injustice. Moving out from under "big brother" means assuming responsibility for our actions and personal welfare. We must realize that we are the government. 

I believe a number of criteria must be met before any level of government outside the family exercises authority. First, is the service that the proposed authority would exercise, truly necessary? Second, is the governmental structure in question prohibited by either God or by constitutional statute from assuming such authority? Third, is the family or another more localized level of government capable of successfully administering the service? Fourth, is the governmental body even capable of providing the service?

I firmly believe that if we put our own houses in order, demand accountability, assume responsibility, repent of our shortcomings and seek God's help, we can turn this country around. This is our reasonable service.

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