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 I thank my creator for allowing me to serve my fellow man pledging to serve God, family and country.

It is important to know a man's or woman's philosophy and that they are committed to that philosophy.  In that way, you will nearly always know how they will handle any situation.  To that end, I will summarize as best I can the philosophy to which I am committed.

I am a proven champion of Christian principles with a message of no compromise on Constitutional – Rule of Law issues.  At a time when the family and Christians are under brutal attack, we cannot afford to abandon the original intent and Christian heritage of America.  The West Virginia Constitution, while not perfect, has some real protections and important principles that need followed.  Overbearing federal laws and policies should be stopped in their tracks.  Unconstitutional government programs are repeatedly presented as the answer to our dilemma.  Ronald Reagan rightly said “The nine most dangerous words in the English language are, I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” 

Government is only meant to do what individuals, families, churches, and other non-governmental institutions cannot provide.  Proper government is about good stewardship and public safety while protecting private property and individual rights.  Proper government has the responsibility for infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and communication systems.  Why haven’t we seen responsible projects such as a Route 2 four lane from Huntington, to Chester, West Virginia?  It would provide much needed intra-state travel and jobs.  Growing up in the Northern Panhandle, crossing over to and traveling down Ohio Route 7 was preferred when traversing the Panhandle.

The free enterprise system works when government gets out of the way.  A case in point is the prohibition of industrial hemp. It should be our number one cash crop. 

The government has assumed we need a nanny/police state.  This mindset has only exacerbated our drug, poverty and crime problems.  We are told the only answers to drug addiction are found in education, treatment, and law enforcement.  Why then didn’t we have an epidemic when heroine could be bought without a prescription?  That is because the heart of man, the moral compass is lacking.  When there is a moral meltdown, all contracts fail, whether constitutional contracts between the government servants and the people, between husbands and wives, and between the people themselves.  We must turn back to relying on the blessings and responsibilities from God and not put our trust in man.  For all my life, In God We Trust, has been on our money, but during my life, as witnessed in the newly designed quarters, In God We Trust, has been thrust aside and moved from in front of George Washington to behind him.  We’re warned that “all nations that forget God will be turned into hell.”

I’ve been successful in several State Supreme Court cases involving issues of failed government and refuse to accept and continue to expose the deceptive and unconstitutional (Art. 6 Sec. 47) yoking of Churches and corporate government.  We cannot expect government muzzled churches and a moral people. 

I’ve had success and continue to set precedent in fighting the burgeoning police state.  We must protect the sanctity of life from conception.  The duty and responsibility of self-defense national defense cannot be over emphasized.  However, defense of one’s country must be constitutional and not pre-emptive.  Sadly, we have had 17 unconstitutional wars following World War II to our detriment and that must stop.

Over the years, I have had numerous positions of service and responsibility.  I have served as officer in the Tygarts Valley Lions Club, Randolph County Education Association, Randolph County Tax Study, and Constitution Party of West Virginia. I was a national presenter of outstanding teaching practices for the Southern Regional Education Board in Nashville, TN.  I was teacher of the Year of Tygarts Valley Junior/Senior High School and have a BA in Physics and a Masters in Educational Computing.  While attending West Liberty State College, I was Student Personnel Manager of ARA Food Service. Since 1972, I have owned and operated Century Photo, a photo/video service and media production company.

The country was built on limited government.  It is time to reign in government and return to a culture under Godly principles, the principles that built a mighty nation.  People are encouraged to become more informed.  My campaign website is and Facebook page is “Phillip Hudok”.  

Send a strong message.  Vote Phil Hudok.


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