Hoppy Kercheval Slanders Phil Hudok Video: https://youtu.be/IiFifyIt5zM

Hoppy Kercheval, the dean of West Virginia broadcasters, has some explaining to do.  Why did Hoppy read a slanderous text on his Steam Release 9/9/16 syndicated broadcast labeling West Virginia Constitution Party candidate Phil Hudok as being “dangerous?”  He read the text was as follows:  “I’m steamed you’re mentioning Phil Hudok’s bid for governor.  The Southern Poverty Law Center included him on their top ten dangerous candidate list.”

 The “dangerous” label, which isn’t even true, was broadcasted over dozens of radio stations across the State of West Virginia, the state that I am presently traversing whose people with which I am attempting to build a trusting relationship. The SPLC author, Evelyn Schlatter, used the terms “extremist” and “extremism”, but not “dangerous.”  The meanings are quite different.

While Hoppy has interviewed most, if not all the other candidates on the ballot for governor, this action calls into question his professionalism as an unbiased broadcaster.  What was his intention? Why wasn’t this caught and nixed during the broadcasting delay?  Should I want to be interviewed by Hoppy?  I am certainly owed an apology.  However, the closed, “chosen two debates” for governor, is sponsored by the broadcaster’s association and does anyone think that Hoppy isn’t a member?  George Carlin said it best, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it!”

Much of the media is looking more like the Fourth Reich than the Fourth Estate.  That is all the more reason for people to think and vote outside the box.

With no apologies, Phil Hudok.  How about you, Hoppy?



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