By contacting your County Clerk or contacting the Secretary of State as shown below, you can get a West Virginia Voter Registration Application.


Or, you can directly access the Secretary of State voter information:

Once you will receive the following application:


The top half is instructions. You need only complete the bottom and mail or deliver the application.

Very important:  Check OTHER and fill in the blank CONSTITUTION.




Welcome to world of Constitution Party registered voters. If constitutions don't matter, the rule of law is over!

Consider joining us in our weekly, Wed., 7:30 P.M. conference calls. Conference calls are open to the public. Non-member guests are introduced and encouraged to listen in.

Phone - (712)432-1500(712)432-1500   Access - 819199 followed by the # key

Note: Always double check the conference call-in info. We have had to choose different services in the past.

For folks interested in joining the party, there are two levels of party membership. Associate membership is a $5.00/year non-voting membership. Full/voting membership is $20.00/year. Full members cannot have dual party membership. For details, applicants should read the West Virginia Constitution Party bylaws. There are also life memberships. See the Constitution Party of West Virginia state website at

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