Phil Hudok is the Constitution Party of West Virginia’s 2014 U.S. Senate Candidate. He is vying for the seat soon to be vacated by Jay Rockefeller.

Phil’s message is centered around freedom and responsibility. Mankind is losing freedoms every day throughout the world, but especially in this once, “land of the free and home of the brave.” This freedom has been sacrificed for convenience and the perception of security. The convenience is real, but we have only insecurity and oppression. We must realize that our founders were individuals who trusted in God and created a nation to be in compliance with His commandments. Unfortunately individuals allowed their soulless government to become master and not servant. Government now has assumed the responsibility of running our lives. We find ourselves in a nanny state.

It is the responsibility to fight this tyranny regardless of the outcome. Duty is ours, consequences are God’s. We will not be judged on the actions of others. The responsibility lies squarely on our shoulders.

To be true to his Creator, Phil makes the following affirmations:

Phil’s word is his bond. He was brought up that way and expected to live that way.

Presently his campaign is mostly self-funded. Phil is beholding to and accepts funds from people, not corporations.

Phil Hudok saw the police state coming over a decade ago and took a stand against it, which temporarily cost him his teaching job in a case that went to the West Virginia Supreme Court.

Phil is busy spreading issues around the state. He’s not busy plastering his name all over the state.

Phil built a puppet machine (Mr. Obama Head) to expose globalist goals. Phil is not a puppet of the political machine.

Phil is working hard to free government corporation tied churches. The Federal Government. through deception and devious IRS regulations,  intimidates churches to serve government, not God!

The Constitution Party of West Virginia is committed to:

★   Supporting the traditional family,

★   100% support of pro-life issues,

★   Protecting private property rights,

★   Safeguarding the Second Amendment,

★   Limiting the Federal government to its constitutional role,

★   Restoring States' rights and returning government to the people,

★   Ending illegal immigration,

★   Opposing international trade agreements that cost American jobs!


Please visit Phil’s campaign website and the party website

Phil’s Mr. Obama Head puppet, which exposes the globalist front man puppet, Mr. Obama, has his own facebook page appropriately named, Mr.  Obama  Head.

Let’s forge a rebirth of freedom with principle over politics.

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